Thursday, July 10, 2008


So what are you going to get me for my birthday?
What? It's not your birthday!
Yes it is, July 2nd baby.
I'll get you something, what do you want
Some cash for my pockets or whatever you can give me
I'll get you something but you got me twisted if you think I'm going to give you some cash

Later on that day with our eyes fucking each other back and forth I said:
I know what I can get you for your birthday day but it might not be appropriate for work
What is it?
I can't tell your right now
But what do you want for your birthday so I'll know what you want?
It might not be appropriate for work
Ah Hah.....
We had big grins on our faces
Eyes interlocking telling each other that if we go there, it's going to be good and we could do each other right now if nobody was watching.
Passing each other by and flirting each others clothes off:
I have something to tell you
Go ahead and tell me
Not right now
Back and forth, still eye fucking each other
We meet up again
Come over here so I can tell you what I want
What is it?
I just want to suck on your lips
Okay, you can do that just let me know when
More flirting, more touching as we pass by each other, sending signals of lust, letting each other know, "It's own"
Come here, are the cameras watching?
No, not if we go over here
Mmmmm, Muwah
Shit baby, Look what you did!?!
Oh wow! I definitely have that special touch
Back to business as usual
All kinds of thoughts in my head
Maybe I'll wait a little before I go home, maybe I'll pretend like I'm waiting on my ride
I got something up my sleeve
I want another one of those
Alright, meet me over there
Mmmmm, Muwah
Shit baby
A lot of rubbing and touching
Damn, that's all you
Shit baby
Grinding against my ass
Come on
Do you have something to put on that
Damn, I left them in my other pants
Mmm Hmm
No for real I must changed pants
Oh okay

You know that kiss was on my mind the whole ride home, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like
Damn, I can't wait tell tomorrow
Hey baby, how you doing
Hey baby,
I called you
You did
Yeah, I only call once
Damn, he must've had the phone off
Back and forth, could stop feeling each other up
Do the cameras work in here
Yeah, I think so
Do you want to see if they do,
Back and forth but not so constant this time
What time do you get off work
Whoa, you came prepared this time
I'm going to come back up here
Shit baby you came up here fast
Yeah I had to do ya da ya da ya da
You want to go in the bathroom?
The bathroom with the "Ew" look of disgust on my face
Why don't you tell them you have a family emergency and you need to leave so we can go do our thang
And where will we go
To the park and be one with nature and the berries
Hold up, I'm about to take my break
Shit baby,
We're close to each other, kissing and touch, licking and suckin'
Where baby?
Right there
Damn, he has a BODY that I wasn't expecting.
Our kissing is so sensual
Why don't you lay right there and I'll sit on top of you
Riding and grinding
Instant climax
We get dressed but I know that he knows that I still want more
Kissing and kissing, caressing, licking, sucking, massaging
Kissing, talking, smiling,
Kiss again
Kiss on my erogenous zone
My forehead
Kiss him back, telling him I'm going to want him again and he's going to want it again
Let's make arrangements to meet up at a room
I'll call you
No you won't you'll forget
Grin as if, he would be he knows he's going to forget
And he did
He's off for the next couple of days and I'm off on the weekend -
You already know I want to make a trip back up there on my off day, I won't make it so obvious though
But I want him again
This is some freaky shit, how instantly attracted to one another we were
And for a young tender, he knows more about it than I thought.
Do I want it again, yeah I do.
Can't wait tell Sunday.

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