Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Give Me More

I can’t help but notice the attraction that is constantly a distraction of the multitudes of ways I want to give you me and you want to give me you

How our eyes met on que and we were in tuned with each others rhythm that I could feel you walk across the room and know that you’re starring at me without me even looking over

How bolder can I get by letting you touch me, rub me, & sooth me in more ways that I can imagine. You standing me over while I give you guilty pleasure one must share the future endeavors of wanting more and giving more that I know its not just a physical attraction but a connection that I can sense you want to give me more of you while I give you more of me.

That Girl

Copyright 2008 all rights reserved

Fucked All Over The Place

The passion has undressed the emotions running wild in my mind and has caressed my inner most thoughts of lust surrender with thoughts of the likings of you that has come in a time when love can only be put on the back burner

The burning sensation of riding up & down pain but enjoying pleasure is one sure measure of how I can’t get off but cum anyway because it feels so good to know that you like it too – You like it so well that I can feel your finger tips dialing my number telling me you want more and the more I give the more I want to FUCK over some shit as I rub my clit to a climax of brining my mind back to right

Fucked all over the Place

That Girl

Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.