Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Mail Room Clerk

One hot & muggy evening, I got stuck at the office. Terri, my legal assistnat had to pick up her baby from daycare early and left me to fend for myself. I knew I had to prepare for my clients hearing tomorrow and time was not on my side.

Hi Kevin, you're still here?

Kevin was our mailroom clerk and fine as hell. He stood 6'1, dark ebony chocolate, bald head, brown bedroom eyes, seductive lips that you knew could suck your pussy dry. The man had more ass on him that put my "apple bottom" to shame.

Hey you, why are you still here?

Anything that man said sounded like he could have been Barry White's little brother.

Terri had to pick up Sasha early from daycare and now I'm stuck doing her job & mine. Phoey!!

Well, I'm right around the corner if you need anything.

Alright sweety, thanks.

Did I miss the the weather forecast this morning because it feels like the Mojave Desert up in here. This little $9.99 fan from Walmart feels more liek a $5.99 fan from Kmart. It was only Kevin & I left at the office. The crew usually leaves right on time but always manages to come in late. I can't work under these conditions, something has to give. Kevin, yeah he has a little background in maintenance, let me get him to check the ventalation.

I called Kevin from the hall way phone.

Kevin, can you come to my office for a moment, I think the ventalation is blocked, I'm not getting no A/C. A Sistah is about to jump out of her clothes in a minute.

It didn't take him no time to come to my office.

Thank you sooooo much, I thought I was about to die in here.

I know what you mean and if you don't mind, I would like to take off this hot ass Polo shirt and just rock my tank top.

I'm thinking to myself, OH MY GOD..... this man is already fine with clothes on and now I get to see his fine ass with his clothes off! YES, will definitley be my answer to that.

I dont' see why not, it is just the two of in here right? Hmmmm, I let the thought of us only being here linger on for a moment. It was just us and damn, look at those arms and that chest. That tank top fits him like a condom with a hard erection. Ok Shyla, get it together sistah, you do have work to do and only you to do it.

Damn Terri? Why does it have to be today that you need not to be here. Shit, that's neither here no there, I jut have to get on the grind. All this damn paper work and I'm willing to work pro bono.

Alright Kevin, I think I'm going to use good ole technology for what it's worth & take home this dusty old laptop. Do you think you could lock up for me?



Oh it's nothing.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'll be okay.

Fuck! just realized that Car Pros came and picked up my car to do my yearly tune-up. If I call a taxi, it's going to take them 45 minutes to an hour to get here.

So you want be in tomorrow? Kevin asked.

No, I have a hearing tomorrow with my client & there's no telling how long the proceding will take.

I gotcha.

I'll be here for another 45min waiting on my taxi. I guess I have a little time to try to finish up some work. You know how the taxis run, it's take 45min and the 45 min will turn in to an hour. By then, my desk will be clear.

I could give you a ride home, you don't need to take no taxi. I'm almost done sorting the mail & since I'm heading in your direction.

This is begining to be to much. First, he's fine as he wanna be, 2nd - I damned near fainted when I saw him with his shirt off & now a ride home, I'm about to have an orgasm right now.

No Kevin, it's okay.

Are you sure, I mean, it's not like I'm taking you to Tim-buck-too.

I don't want to interfer with your after work plans.

Seriously, it's cool. I don't have no plans - I was just going to grab me a beer out of the fridge, take me a shower and then hit the sticks.

The sticks?

Yeah, my Xbox.

Oh wow - what a serious committed life you have.

You got jokes huh?

I'm like wow, you're not going to go chill with your girl or kick it with the fellas?

Naw - I ride solo.

What? Solo, come on now - there's has to be more to your after work activities besides your XBox.

For real, that's all I really do. Either play video games or shoot some hoops.

Humpf. Must be nice. I have a ton of stuff to do when I leave the office.

I hear you.

I think I'll pass though on the ride. I have a couple of errands to make and now that I think about it, my cousin doesn't live to far from here. I could walk to her house & get her to take me home.

You can't be walking in the dark like this and especially in this neighborhood. I'm taking you home, and that's final - Plus, you would be keeping me company while I sit in traffic.

I guess I have no other choice huh?


I'm glad he can't read what's going on in my head right now. I was thinking I could ride him home if he'd let me.

We walked around the parking lot where he had parked his car.

Whoa! Is this you??

This brotha drove a ride better than my little "Lexi' A 2006 Accura, coalball blue, tinted windows, 20inch chrome wheels, black leather seats, with a Bose stero system. My A/C is half way working in my car.

How much am I paying you again?

You're funny - I've actually been saving my money for this. I said if I was going to get a car, I wanted something that is going to be long lasting.

That's whole lot of saving to be just a mail clerk.

He had this huge grin on his face and the cuttest dimples.

I've actually been putting the money I earn here towards my savings from my G.I. Bill.

Oh so you're a military man?

Ex-military man. I got honorable discharge when my pops passed.

Oh, sorry to hear about your pops.

Thanks, he passed 5 years ago from respitory problems.

The car got silent for a moment. All you could hear was KJLH smooth elevator music.

May I ask you why you decided to work as a mail clerk? Sorry to be all in your business - you don't have to play Jeopardy with me.

It's alright. Actually, I'm just a mail clerk PT.

Oh I see

I'm part business owner with my best friend.


Go ahead & ask Shyla, I know your dying to know.

Whaaaa? See, you saw me heading in that direction.

I run a non-profit organization called Game Tight. It's for kids 6-18 years old who lost a parent during the war so they could connect with other kids and talk about their loss.

Okay, see I told you this was getting to be to much for me. The man is fine, single, lives on his own & is humble. Whoa!. Okay now my panties are soaked.

Wow! You have your own non-profit. Geeze, maybe I need to get to know my employees a little more.

Yeah - I love it, that's my baby.

And you don't have a girl?

Naw, not at the moment.

Now why did I have to ask that? You know that question is going to be in the back of his mind.

Do you mind if we stopped at Safeway, I need to pick up a bottle of White Zinfindale. I better have a glass a wine before I dive into all this paper work along with a million other things I have to do.


Thank God it was after 9pm, hardley anyone was in the store by then. I grabbed my bottel of Z and a bag of chips and salsa.

When I got back to the car, Kevin had his head leaned back & his eyes closed. I hated that I had to tap on the window, I could have watched him for a little longer while he took his cat nap.

Tap Tap - He looked a little startled whe he opened his eyes & realized that he had dosed off.

Sorry about that, I'm just a little tired.

See, I knew I should have taken the taxi home or caught a ride. Poor baby.

No, No - I said I was just a little tired but I'm cool.

You looked so content.

It's ok. I think I'm going to pass on the video games tonight & just take a shower & hit the sheets.

We arrived at my condo. Lord and behold, somebody forgot to turn off the sprinkler system again.

I just stepped my $125 Channel boots in a puddle of mud.


What? Kevin asked

I just stepped in a puddle of muddy water & now my shoes and slacks are soaking wet.

Oh man, I could help you carry your bags up.

Would you?

Yeah I could do that.

I keep telling the groundskeeper to make sure he turns the sprinklers off before he leave. Damn.

Kevin, I really appreciate your help today. If it wasn't for Terri having to leave early -

It's all good, anytime.

Your spot is laid Shyla! You got the whole African motive thing going on, it's tight.

I try to stay close to my roots.

You can just sit the bags over there on the counter.

Kevin headed to the door


What's up?

Not so fast buddy - Let me give you a little cash to put in you tank.

No need to. I never run on E.

Your sure?

I'm good.

Well, would you at least have a glass of wine with me before you go?

Uh, okay - why not.

I'll be right back if you don't mind. I want to jump in the shower and get this mud off me.

Alright, I'm going to catch the last game on ESPN if that's alright with you.

No prob, your welcome to anything in my home, my fridge is - well you know it's in the kitchen.

I got in my shower and the water was just the right tempature. Thank God for the new massage shower heads because boy I need it. I put the massage mode on temple so the beads a water would hit my back just right. I was getting comfortable. Every inch of my body got a little extra attention today. I scrubbed every crevis of my body and didn't miss a spot. I couldn't help but to day dream about that tall glas of chocolate milk strecth out on my living room floor. Mmmmmmmm, moaning to myself. The pleasures of the shower head rubbbing on my thigh. I telted the head up just right as the water shot up the lips of pussy. I was getting so aroused as I imagined Kevin's tongue licking the tip of my clit. The moans got louder as my index finger penetrated my wet flower - Oh Shit, Oh shit oooooooooooo.....

Boom Boom Boom

Are you okay in there? Kevin asked.

Oh my gosh, how could I forget that he was still here.

Uh yeah, I nicked myself with my razor.

Girl, you've been in there for over an hour. I'm about to fall asleep out here. Are you sure everything is alright?

Umm, I'm alright. I'll be out in just a sec. Damn, Damn, Damn Shy - What's up with you!

Dag on it!

What now?

I forgot my towel on my bed.

Ok, normally I would remember & no this is not what you think.

Knock Knock - Here's your towel.

I reached my hand out to grab it put couldn't feel it. I pushed open the door a little more and stretched my hand out to grab it and Kevin pushed the door all the way open. It was silent for about 30 seconds, with our eyes locked on one another. The towel dropped from his hand & his eyes never moved from mine. What was going on here, what did I get myself into. I have to say something but I'll look like a fool if I just let anything fly out my mouth. Come on Shy, say something. Before I could utter a word, Kevin's tongue was in my mouth. His full lips wrapped around mine, sucking & licking all my 99 cent Wet & Wild cherry flavored lip gloss off. He moaned a little, that sent a tingling sensation down my spine. His tongue in my mouth, one hand gripping my one of my Double D breast and the other hand or should I say finger on my "flower." This man is talented, tell me how he managed to get his clothes off without lifting a finger??

For Black Lovers Only © 2006

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