Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How did you know?

A wasted day of wanting to be with Mr. Lame didn't turn out so bad after all
A mutual friend of my BFF invited us to go watch/play pool over at his friends house
I'm already pissed off because I didn't get laid by my so called boyfriend that I'm nagging the whole time there
Walking in the door, my eyes are instantly glued on this tall, dark chocolate brotha with locs that are the length of his cheek bone, his skin is as smooth as a baby's butt and a smile that can light up a room without light bulbs. I'm in such an awe because in my mind I've always pictured myself having erotic sex with a "black stallion". I'm starrin' over at Jay like, "Um, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" but he doesn't so I did the next big thing and is also my weird fetish, I asked him can I smell his hair.... It's a long story but in a nutshell, I have this thing with handsome brotha's with locs, and I figured if they are as well kept physically, their hair has to smell like some kind of oil such as Kemi Oil, Coconut Vanilla & Patchouli.... the list is endless. He smiled and showed me his pearly whites and said, "Yes" as if he wanted to laugh but he he grinned instead. He asked me if I did hair as he felt my hair and was amazed that I did my own, I said "Well, not really but I can" He asked me how much did I charged and I told him $25. The whole evening though, I just kept falling his eyes around the room I just couldn't help it, I think I gave him a quick eye fuck as well. At the end of the night, we exchange numbers and he said he would call when he's ready to get his hair done, I said okay, we smiled and my BFF and I left. I wasn't expecting to hear from him, I actually just thought to myself "Yeah right, it's just way to real for this to be happening, my black stallion right in front of my eyes -- yeah right!!! But they say, always vision what you want in life and you might be surprised that you may get it. So 2 weeks go by and I'm at work, I get a call from Jay, or at least I thought it was Jay but it's Kev. He's like can I speak to uh Esha, Iesh, I'm like "Aisha" he was like do you know who this is and I'm like "Yeah, it's Kev". He asked me if I could do his hair today and at first I was like, no because I wouldn't get off work until 5:30 but then, I thought to myself, I need the money and I want to see this stallion. So after telling him I would try to make it, I told him I could around 5;30. Immediately arranged baby sitting because I didn't know how long it would take me to do his hair and plus I didn't want to have my babies out all night. So I gathered my hair supplies and walked over to his place or at least I thought was his place and I knocked on the door but no answer, so I left and came back and knocked again and this woman answer by saying he's not here. So I went home, called my baby sitter and told her that the kids can come home because my appt was cancelled. Right after I hung up the phone, he called me and asked me if I was still coming and I told him I already came but he said I came to the wrong place and to come to the right one. I come over his house, we smile at each other, I wash his hair, retwist his hair, sat and talked for a while, I'm getting sleepy and telling him I need to go home but realized that I couldn't get back in the gate because my roommate wasn't there and I didn't have the gate key. I'm yelling oh fuck how am I going to get in but he says to me, "You could stay here if you want with this grin, and I"m like, "Are you sure?" He's like "Yeah" but I'm still saying I need to get home as I"m dozing off laying next to his arm. I'm getting ready to get comfortable and lay on the couch and he's like "I'll take the couch, you can have my bed" I'm like "Okay, are you sure?" So he's like come on it's 2 am in the morning go upstairs and get in my bed. I'm like cool, so I go upstairs and he's downstairs for about 5 min and then he's upstairs doing laundry. He comes in and drops off a sheet and asked me if I mind if we shared the bed and I'm like it's your bed yeah you can so he comes and gets in the bed and I'm telling him that I'm sleepy but it's cold so I scoot over next to him, why did I do that? because he's like you need a body to keep you warm and I"m like yeah. So we're facing each other really close and I lean in and he leans in and next thing you know we're kissing each other so passionately, it' s so intensed that we are climbing all over each other and he's telling me he wants it and I"m telling him I'm in the red zone and he's still dry fucking me and I'm like damn I want you and next thing you know I have my legs in the air and he's giving it to me like I never had it before, and the best thing about, he has agility because we're on the edge of the bed and loving the fuck out of this shit. let's just say I didn't get home until 4:30 in the AM and I've been going over his house almost every other day ............. to lay next to him, breath in his skin, kiss on his lips, play in his hair, talk politics, watch Conan, listen to music, and give each other some of the best sex we ever had.

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